Danny Bamping

Tuesday, March 20 2012 at 6:30PM

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Barbican Theatre,
Castle Street,

Danny Bamping

What's the talk about?

Danny will be exploring in some detail - the legal fiction...which we all
have (but most aren't aware of it - or know what it is)

Yet, this 'piece of paper' created by the Government shortly after you were
born - against your will and consent, is a clever, hidden mechanism which
bids us, contracts us and forces us to pay taxes...including council tax, Tv
Licence, Income tax and even completing your census form.

Danny hasn't paid ANY of the above for almost 3 years; yet he is still a
free man, hasn't been fined and despite numerous court appearances...has not
(yet!) been found guilty of any crime or breaking any law?

Therefore, if you want to learn more about the big difference between lawful
and legal...and how not to contract with your legal fiction and consider
your 'consent' in paying these 'bills with no contract'...then you should
attend this talk.

Danny may also bring a few puzzles with him...and some people might be lucky
enough to leave with one!

Serial Entrepreneur Danny Bamping, 6 years ago appeared on the TV Dragons
Den...with a puzzle called the Bedlam Cube (now rebranded - the Crazee Cube)
After having 4 offers from the Dragons; he accepted two of them on the show
- only weeks later he turned them both down; as one of them went bust
(Rachel Elnaugh / red Letter days) he then went it alone and got a bank
loan; since then he has sold almost half a million cubes and now has a
variety of businesses including a media Production company (Future Planet),
as before selling toys Danny was an underwater and natural history