Ben Hardwidge

Tuesday, January 17 2012 at 6:30PM

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Barbican Theatre,
Castle Street,

Ben Hardwidge

What's the talk about?

According to some nutritionists and practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, sharks don’t get cancer. It’s a myth that’s not only brought false hope to sufferers of one of the world’s horrific diseases, who are told that consuming shark cartilage can cure cancer, but it’s also had a devastating impact on the world’s shark populations. In fact, it’s estimated that 70 million sharks will be slaughtered for their fins this year alone.

After millions of years serving as the oceans’ main apex predator, many shark species are now on the brink of extinction following just a few decades of indiscriminate finning, where sharks often have their fins cut off while they’re still alive, and are then dumped back into the sea. People often ask ‘where the harm?’ when it comes to using alternative medicine, and this talk will explain the very real and costly price of relying on unregulated bogus medicine to treat cancer.


In this talk, marine conservation enthusiast Ben Hardwidge will explore the theories behind using medicines derived from sharks and rays, and explain the devastating impact that this is having on our marine ecosystem. As well as this, he will also introduce the ideas behind a new scepticism campaign in development, which aims to raise awareness about medicines based on shark cartilage, while appealing to major retailers to stop stocking them.

Photo courtesy of Jaime @ Shark Angels