Eclectic enigmatist

Alan Jones

Tuesday, October 18 2011 at 7:00PM

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Barbican Theatre,
Castle Street,

Alan Jones

What's the talk about?


We are very pleased to be presenting a talk by Alan Jones the Rational Mystic at October's SITP meeting. Alan will be coming to speak to us about human perception of reality and how often it differs so wildly from the truth.

Alan also has a regular podcast and radio show for Haunted Cornwall radio where he attempts to bring some rationality to the topics covered by his colleagues and challenge listeners of the show to think about their preconceptions, skeptical or otherwise, in a more logical manner, you can listen to past episodes here.

Below are some quotes from his website. More information can be found about Alan and his work here, he is also on Twitter and you can follow the Rational Mystic blog here.

"As a magician and psychologist I am interested in the nature of human experience...

As someone with a real interest in the, shall we say, occult and paranormal, I am fascinated by those human experiences we consider to be mystical.

As a Rational Mystic I enjoy taking a sceptical (or skeptical for my American friends) look at claims of the paranormal whilst seeking to understand the relevance and meaning of the mystical experience."