What to think about Fracking...?

Hazel Gibson

Tuesday, August 20 2013 at 7:30PM

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Barbican Theatre,
Castle Street,

Hazel Gibson

What's the talk about?

With the news that there might be large reserves of shale gas under parts of the UK, Fracking has become the latest energy controversy. Hazel Gibson will be exploring what people think about fracking, from three perspectives - the scientist, the activist and the local person with fracking happening on their back door. Looking at what fracking is as a method for extracting gas from shale, why some people don't like fracking and what the people who live where fracking is happening are actually worried about.

Hazel is currently a PhD student at Plymouth, studying what people know about geology. She has previously worked at the Natural History Museum in London as the Identifications Officer for Earth Sciences and as a Science Educator. She also worked as an Engineering Geologist in Australia. She currently tweets, blogs and generally harangues passers-by about how awesome geology is. Can occasionally be seen making dinosaur footprints.....