The amazing case of the Highgate vampire.

Trystan Swale

Tuesday, April 16 2013 at 6:30PM

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Barbican Theatre,
Castle Street,

Trystan Swale

What's the talk about?

On the night of 13 March 1970 scores of expectant thrill-seekers descended upon London's Highgate Cemetery. Fuelled by sensational television coverage, they had come to watch a local man destroy the 'King Wampyr' haunting the gothic necropolis.

Some forty three years on, having unintentionally walked into the fallout still lingering from that night, Trystan Swale revisits the history, influences, revisionist drama and staggering aftermath from a most curious piece of British folklore.

Trystan Swale is an amateur folklorist and host of In 2009 he founded the Righteous Indignation skeptical podcast and has since spoken at a range of events including QED (2011), Seriously Strange (2011) and Seriously Unidentified (2012) conferences. His blog is at