Andy Lewis

Tuesday, June 19 2012 at 7:00PM

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Barbican Theatre,
Castle Street,

Andy Lewis

What's the talk about?

Andy Lewis will be talking about local quackery, here's the blurb from a recent talk given at Bath SITP which should give a good idea of what to expect.

'You might argue that the wealth of the City of Bath has been derived from the claims of the healing effects of its waters. A City built on Quackery. In the 18th Century, Bath's prosperity grew as visitors flocked to take the waters. But it was not just the waters that were on offer and many other hucksters, charlatans and opportunists came here to offer their healing wares. 

Few of those therapies still exist - most are long forgotten. Why do some unorthodox healing practices thrive and others fade away? What makes a successful quackery? Should the good citiziens of Bath want to invent a new successful form of alternative medicine, how should they go about it?'

Andy Lewis is the force behind The Quackometer and it's accompanying blog examining the claims made by all manner of quacks. He has blogged extensively on Burzynski and many other areas of psudoscience and quackery including the recent Totnes Cancer Clinic hoohaa!